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Online Credentials Tracking

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Tracking Credentials Just Got Easier!

ShiftHound has created a simple to use cloud-based online system for tracking staff credentials that can be accessed by anyone given permission, anywhere they have internet access. The system utilizes an easy to use interface to allow staff, managers and/or administrators to setup and track staff credentialing data such as credential types, expiration dates, notification times, and when key information was last updated and approved and by whom. Credentialer works alone or seamlessly with ShiftHound's Scheduler.

Key Features

Improve Visibility & Stay Informed Define and track credentials, licenses, required training, certifications, and expiration dates all in one place. Real time data updates and mobile access to credential status keeps you informed.
Eliminate Compliance Penalties Tailor functionality to meet regulatory compliance standards and your specific organizational needs, including rules and configurable requirements for each department and job type.
Save Time & Improve Workflow Make Staff part of the solution, you can add Staff members to the workflow and give them access to enter and manage their own credentialing information, as well as upload documents or missing data, which managers can then view and approve.
Easier Access to Documentation PDFs of documents can be attached to any credential and easily viewed by anyone granted access.
Optimize Communication Automatic notifications are sent to the Staff members, Managers, and/or Administrators via announcements, email, and text messages when credentials expire, are about to expire, or are missing.
Use With ShiftHound's Scheduler Alerts help Staff and Managers stay on top of credential expirations when requesting shifts or making staffing decisions. Staff have visibility into what credentials are needed to work in a particular unit. Staff out of compliance with these rules can be restricted from requesting shifts.

Benefits of ShiftHound's Credentialer™

All parties concerned are looking at the same information stored in one secure and easily accessible place online in real-time.
Notifications and alerts for staff and leadership will ensure that out of compliance staff can be identified and removed from shifts before they compromise the organization.
Multiple integration points in ShiftHound's staff scheduling product let managers see credential data in real-time when making scheduling decisions.
Allowing staff to easily update their own data can save manager/administrator time and keep information as up-to-date as possible with less delay in communication.
Let our Credentialing Module help those that must ensure their department is in compliance with this critical information TODAY!

Our Customers Are Saying…

"In my eyes the separation between ShiftHound and their competition comes from the new credentialing feature. Not only does the Credentialer save PDF copies of each document, it's customizable to send automated email reminders at your desired interval to anyone approaching expiration. This feature was extremely easy to begin using and as always their customer service team was there to help every step of the way."
— Chris Wright, Texas Emergency Care Center
"ShiftHound has been the greatest resource tool to assist with our scheduling and staffing. What used to take me hours each day managing the schedule now takes me minutes. ShiftHound is very user friendly and easy to learn. We went from online live to 200 employees fully trained in 1 week."
— Sterling Bronson, Salt Lake Behavioral Health, UHS
"We dramatically decreased labor costs by close to a million dollars within the first year of product usage. ShiftHound at Summit Medical Group streamlines staffing, improves communication, contributes to greater efficiency and ultimately, produces more time for patient care."
— Karen Graham, Chief Operating Officer, Summit Medical Group

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